Construction work, packaging, cutoffs of material, scrap, renovation of your place etc. all creates a lot of debris that serves no purpose at all and thus must be disposed of. Certainly there is a right way to dispose of anything, be that debris from construction or your yard. Below are types of debris you encounter every now and then and with the proper means on how to get rid of them.

1. Concrete

After construction that involves cemented work, or breaking of the previously constructed structure, you are left with a lot of concrete to deal with. Though, there may or may not be a contract with your constructors that say that they are responsible for the debris left over, it is likely that will not complete rid of all the leftover completely. Concrete is incredibly dense, and the only proper way to dispose it off is through roll-of dumpsters. A lot dumpsters require a separate disposal bin for concrete as it only makes the dumpster heavier and difficult to handle for the workers.

2. Shingles

Shingles are also heavy, dense masses and thus requires a separate disposal bin. Though, it is not illegal but in case of a separate bin, you should best not dump broken or useless shingles with the mixed junk. They are recyclable and it’s only easier for the workers to deal with them.

3. Wood/Lumber

To dispose of wood, you can simply throw it in the trash can, where it can be towed away into the dumpster. There may or may not be a separate dumpster devoted to wood. But one thing that you must know is that wood is very apt to be recycled. You can get a little cash by selling of your wood to anyone that you know would buy potential reusable items or you can donate it to them. You will liberate yourself from having to deal with the unnecessary wood at your place.

4. Metal

As much as the unnecessary metal at your place serves you no purpose at all. You’d be surprised to know that metal junk is considered to be one of the most expensive junk. You can gain quite some cash if you decide to put it up for sale. You can also donate it to a recycler for your and their good.

5. Sidings

Sidings are the easiest to dispose of. Certain sidings are highly desirable and are worth a lot too, for instance cedar or wood sidings. But for other materials like vinyl are better off being thrown into the dumpster which is just the right way to dispose your sidings.

6. Kitchen/Bathroom Renovation Debris

To rid of your cabinets, sinks, countertops etc., you can normally get a roll-off dumpster to tow them away. But in case if they wouldn’t accept your bulky junk, you can call junk removal services. They may charge you with additional fee, but it’s worth having to pay that than dealing with the old, redundant trash that only takes up your space. 

For disposing of debris, use the service of a bulk trash removal NYC company. They will arrive with a truck and staff, and haul away the debris.


Now that you know what to do with debris, dispose it of yourself or hire a bulk trash or junk car removal Suffolk county NY service for a seamless debris removal.


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