Due to so many different styles and trends opted by celebrities, women all around the world also want to experiment with different colors and hairstyles. But surely it is possible with everyone. However, wigs and hair extensions are the 2 best options available to create different styles and fuller hair. The choice between the 2 depends totally on one’s preference and needs. If you are a person who loves to change hairstyles, then you should buy hair wholesale and flaunt different looks. If you ask quality wise the both go back to back, provides you purchase both from trusted companies. However, a detailed guide of both is given below.



Wigs are used to cover up your head and scalp. It is the best option for you if you have very short hair or very thin hair or have an illness which is causing severe hair loss and baldness. But it will surely cause a bit of discomfort as it is like a cap which you will have to wear the whole day.

Hair Extensions


These are a great way to add volume, length, and thickness to your hair. It is better to purchase virgin or Remy hair extensions as they are of best quality, look and feel like natural hair and last you a long time. They are used by women to make their hair fuller or create different hairstyles without worrying that they will fall off.


1. Hair Volume

Thick and fuller hair beautiful as compared to thin and limp ones. Extensions are a great way to add volume in the hair on the inside and they look completely naturally blended with your hair. However, even wigs give volume but they will cover your whole hair and your natural hair won’t be seen. You can choose according to the thickness you require by adding few or more stands of extensions and wigs also come in various densities. Another volume perspective is that hair extensions are not suitable for very thin hair as the bonds and clips may show in very thin hair and thin hair is also very weak so it will not be feasible to attach the extensions.

2. Length

Both wigs and extensions help in increasing hair length. The difference is that extension will be bonded to your natural hair to increase length whereas long-haired wigs can be purchased.  Another length aspect is that extensions cannot be attached to very short hair, at least medium hair length is required for hair extensions where there is no such issue in wigs.

3. Texture and Appearance

Both hairs have a similar type of texture and Appearance provided you purchase both made of virgin or natural Remy hair. Wigs cover your whole scalp so the texture and Appearance will be of the type you purchase, whereas extensions are attached to your natural hair and they blend in with your hair to look and feel the same. The appearance of both is usually shiny and luxurious.

4. Hairstyles

You can style your wigs as you want but it is better to get done by professionals. You can style your hair any way you want in hair extensions but you cannot part on the side where the clips or bonds are attached.

5. Application

Wigs can be glued, takes or even sewn, the former 2 being temporary options. Extensions can be bonded through taping technique and can also be bonded with hot glue which us permanent. Clip-ones are easy to attach and manage and best for short-term change.

6. Maintenance and Longevity

Maintenance is important in extensions as rough handling may lead to tangles and knots which can cause trouble and also not taking care may cause the extensions to come out. Take expert advice regarding maintenance and follow religiously. In the case of wigs, you can easily take out after the event and requires less maintenance. Both can last you a year depending on the quality and how much you take care of it and it will be a lot cheaper for you if you order virgin hair.


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