Creative web designers believe there are obvious signs that tell you should update your business website. Some of the top reasons are given below.

1. Visually Complicated

When your website looks complicated, has design issues or the users report problems about the site visuals- you need to update it as soon as possible. The complicated visuals ruin the business reputation and reduce conversion rates.

2. Low Quality Graphics

If you have been using low quality images, illustrations or graphics on your site, you need to update it. The old graphic should be replaced with new images of high quality. Always use images of the highest quality because they play a great role in impressing the users.

3. It is Not Responsive

When a site is not response the outcome might be in the following forms; low conversion rate, low traffic, high bounce rate, less pages per session and more users are dissatisfied. Make your site responsive by using perfect templates from creative web designers.

4. Outdated Content

The web content, not the blogs and news, on any website becomes outdated after a certain time. If you have not updated your web pages for years, it is time to come up with the fresh content to make your site look more impressive and updated.

5. No Calls to Action

Nowadays, all the business and ecommerce sites have call to action options for the users and customers. You have to evaluate your site and see if you are missing this feature. Update the site and add calls to action on all relevant pages to increase your sales.

6. Not Mobile-Friendly

Any site that is not mobile-friendly nowadays can’t make enough revenue. More than 70% users come online through their phones so you need to grab their attention with a mobile-friendly version of your site. Update the site and make it more mobile-friendly.

7. Slow Load Time

According to some top web design company, the sites built five or six years ago have slow time. The modern templates and site designs are really quick and save a lot of time. Your site might be one of those that take too much time to low a single page. This is a reason why you should update the site design and make it superfast.

8. High Bounce Rate

The bounce rate refers to when users are not staying on the site and leave pages without any actions. This happens for many reasons like poor design, slow loading pages, the design is not responsive, not being mobile-friendly and others. You should find the reasons and work on to reduce the bounce rate.

9. Navigation and Chat

The navigation allows users to switch from one page to another of the site. the navigation makes movement and actions on a site easy for the customers. Similarly, you have to add live chat options on the site and offer free services. Listen to the customers and impress them with your quick service in order to win more customers.


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