2019 will be better than the previous years when it comes to innovation and business. The websites will look better, faster and more attractive. Here are some web design trends that Long Island web design agency suggests will go popular in 2019.

1. Speed and Performance


You have less than three seconds to develop first impressions of your business site to a potential customer. If you fail in the three seconds, the visitors will retain visitors. Users hate websites that load slowly and take so much time. If your site takes more than five seconds to load, work on its performance to make it super fast and better in performance. Otherwise, you will keep losing customers. More people will focus on the speed and performance of their sites now.

2. Flat Design


Along with better speed and performance, flat design trend will also work in 2019. The flat design trend is all about making websites mobile as well as desktop friendly in a single version of the website. These sites load quickly and that led to more users from phones instead of the desktop. The flat designs are the need of the hour because users don’t like slow sites. This type of design helps in making SEO better and using the mobile-first index option.

3. Mobile-First


This trend started a few years ago and was one of the most important trends in 2018. We can expect this to go further in the next year. Even now Google has also introduced a Mobile-First index option. That means if you choose this option, your site will become mobile-friendly. Over 70% of the online users come through phone browsers so for them the websites must be simple and serve better when it comes to offering features.

4. Video Background


This is the coolest thing you can do to your website. Many top brands and companies are now using video backgrounds on their homepages and it makes the site very attractive. The sound is turned off and the video in the background shows something relevant to the business or products. Users find it awesome and they believe this makes a brand more trustworthy. You should also look for this option to make your business site more attractive.

5. Engaging Minimalism

We will see a lot of things in 2019 regarding web designs. But this attention-grabbing visuals will fade away with the passage of time and instead of these, we will find engaging minimalism. That means simple designs with single pages will work better than anything designs for websites. These designs are simple, load faster, consume fewer data and energy, work better and are smooth when it comes to navigation.

6. Non-Traditional Scrolling

So far, we have been seeing the traditional scrolling designs all around. But now, designs are available with non-traditional scrolling and they make the websites look stunning and quite better. These designs are like simple animations that add more beauty to the website design. There will be a lot of such designs and in different options. You will also see many websites using these unique designs as well.

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