The sector of tours and activities is developing faster than the complete travel market. The experts also have forecasted about the sector that it’ll grow up to $183 billion by the next year. Besides, Google has reported where it has provided some insight view of how travelers look for tours & activities.

This report is very crucial and can be a great digital marketing strategy for travel agency. One part of the report is it has emphasized that travelers usually will start their studies before 12 weeks of their trip.

In this period, the tours & activities sector obtains searches 3x more than the hotel industry. Likewise, they search 8x more than flights and it stays for a period of 12-week. Well, let’s know some more things regarding this sector of the tour and travel industry.

Video Is Very Crucial Factor

Many travel agents are using videos to promote their business for years as a part of their digital marketing for travel and tourism business. When you put videos, they allow engaging more customers on a deeper stage. Also, they avail you a platform for your staff and tour guides to excel and demonstrate their passions.

Moreover, they’ll help you to build your reputation as a brand to help your clients on their trips to your trustworthy business. Besides, as we have mentioned, they help you to make a long-lasting relationship with your clients.

Google says about video contents that show the things that are right for the people who look for identical stuff rather than customized website images. Also, a report said that people spend above 600% more time watching travel videos on YouTube.

It means that now a significant part of choice-making is discovering other’s experiences. This is amazing of a 600% and it allows the advice we have given previously.

What It Signifies for Travel Business

You by now have a confined audience with the social platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Indeed, people are aggressively in search of videos, especially ones that are based on travel and destination. It’s a large in number that 79% of the total travelers look for ideas on YouTube.

Another 80% of the travelers around the world visit YouTube for find inspiration. However, the most important statistic is that 76% of them still need to choose a destination. It means that almost 70% of them are looking for motivation to find suitable destinations.  

In-Destination Bookings

We have talked about Google’s reports. Once again, it has highlighted that 48% of the total tours & activity bookings made while travelers reach at their desired sport. And most of them have made with their mobile devices. It’s true that they look for their activities more than 3 months ago.

But, they make their booking just before a few days ago of the trip. Also, their searching ways are very interesting. They use terms while using mobile like “things to do” plus “near me”.

And it has increased more than 6x times in last few years. This is why the tour & activity operators should not ignore the strength of local SEO.


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