Technology business has been thriving with lots of success. Gadgets, apps, software, games, and whatnot have been very successful but not all share the same fate. 2018 especially was rough for the technology industry as displayed at Consumer Electronics Show (CES). From buggy mobile phones failing to glitchy operating systems and even security breaches of social networks have taken a toll.

1. Facebook’s Security Issues


First and foremost, Facebook had their feet wet this year. Their security was breached and compromised the information of over 87 million people. The whole thing was made very public with even Mark Zuckerberg attending the court too.

2. Google Pixel 3


Google Pixel 3 was the phone to hyped for but there were some problems; first was how expensive it was costing $799 for the 64 GB model and goes up to $899 if you want 128 GB. The second problem was that they didn’t have enough memory. The phone had problems saving photos and would crash from time to time because it had ONLY 4 GB OF RAM. For $799 that’s not nearly as enough. You get your money’s worth which in this case wasn’t. When you are using unlimited international calling plans, use a smartphone like iPhone X or Huawei P20.

3. LG’s Home Assistant Cloi Fail at CES 2018


LG had their home assistant AI robot on display this year. The start was very promising, but it went downhill from there. The Cole or Chloe failed to respond and went mute on the LG marketing chief and made things pretty awkward. Cole may look like a cute robot but going quiet on your master and not responding is pretty rude. Not a very proud moment for LG.

4. Modius Weight Loss Headband


CES 2018 introduced a headband that will make you lose weight. How? By sending currents to your brain and telling it to be less hungry. The headset looks awful with saline pads attached behind your ear. The neurologists explained how harmful this is. The current being sent to the deepest organs of the brain and minimizing the urge to eat which helps you lose weight, I guess. The people who tested this product for 16 weeks didn’t have significant change instead they felt nauseous and dizzy. The headband is $499.

5. Foldimate: Automated Laundry Folder


FoldiMate is an automated laundry folding system which makes you put more effort into putting in the laundry than actually folding it yourself. It was shown off in CES 2018 and costs you $980 on pre-order and won’t ship until late 2019. Also, this machine restricts small or thick clothing so no socks, baby clothes or your comfy hoodies. The company says this machine can fold 40 items in 4 minutes, but you’ll have to clip each clothing individually into its arms. For a machine worth $980, you expect much better at least with the whole not having small or thick clothing in its menu.

These and many more gadgets and inventions especially CES 2018 blessed us with weirdest or worse technology, however, there was some great innovation too. Keep holding on to those and use mobile plans with international calls included. Here’s hoping for a better 2019.


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