For your laptop and the best android tablets or smartphone speakers, the top quality Bluetooth speakers are a great and major upgrade. Besides, you don’t have to spend lots of money on a good piece of the speaker. There are many Bluetooth speakers that are available just within fifty dollars.

So, you’ll be able to get a nice sound on the go with no stretching the budget. You also don’t need to give up any premium features with these cheaper Bluetooth speakers. It’s because a large number of these speakers offer handy bonuses.

The bonuses include long battery life and waterproofing. We’re here to help you find out the best cheap and high quality Bluetooth speakers in this issue.

1. Anker Soundcore2

It’s arguably one of the best and cheap Bluetooth speakers that you can buy just within fifty dollars. It comes with better sound than some more powerful and larger speakers. The measurements of the Soundcore2 is (6.5 X 2.1X1.9) inches.

Along with two 12-watt speakers, it comes with one and a half inches drivers. Its lower ends reduce to 150Hz. Apart from about 66 feet range of Bluetooth; it has 24-hour long battery life. Also, the speaker comes with an AUX port.

As a result, it lets you amuse yourself with music from different devices that are not Bluetooth-enabled. The waterproofing rating of this speaker is IPX7. It means that you can submerge this speaker up to one meter of water for about 30 minutes.

2. JBL Clip3

Most Bluetooth speakers are indeed convenient. But, some of them are not appropriate when you are bodily on the go. In this case, the JBL Clip3 is a bit different. It’s the type of Bluetooth speaker that you can’t go with.

That means this speaker is suitable for people that don’t want to move while playing music. But, all sorts of people will be able to use it from sportspeople to gardeners.

As the speaker comes with a carabiner clip, you can fasten it to the clothes. Due to its smaller size (just7.8 ounces of weight), this is not surprising that this speaker doesn’t pack its similar punch because of the other speakers on the list.

Along with a 40mm transducer, it comes with a single 3-watt speaker. The battery life of the speaker is about 10 hours. It doesn’t come with an AUX port.

3. Dell 520-AAGP

This speaker is not for robust outdoor applications. The silver case looks fantastic on tables and in kitchens, while the rubberized platform on one side allows you the ability to place it horizontally or vertically.

Several characteristics are more suitable for indoor use. Dell has NFC compatibility for quick pairing and a microphone for hands-free calls.

4. AOMAIS Sport II

The longevity of the AOMAIS Sport II is the key feature of this speaker. A mixture of thick rubber and plastic strengthens the whole exterior covering of the speaker. A watertight flap covers both speaker ports.

The speaker is given an IPX7 rating for all the reinforcement. The AOMAIS Sport II, sound-based, does not mislead. There are two 10W speakers in the speaker, more than enough to fill a whole room with music.


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