A drone has recently become an essential tool for field observations and aerial mapping. Drone aerial mapping can provide you as much data as you need for your project.

Flying with the right drone and hiring the right aerial surveying drone services company is necessary for data accuracy on your experimental fields.

Here are some things you need to know before conducting your aerial surveying project.

Ground Sample Distance

It is necessary to describe GSD before we delve into the particulars of drone flight configurations. In your photos, the real-world size of a pixel is GSD. This implies Ground Sample Distance. The lower the GSD, the smaller the image’s pixel, the more the map is detailed.

The GSD would be calculated by the sort of research you need at a given point. It is crucial to find the right compromise: flying too high will increase the GSD and decrease the image resolution, which will, for instance, prohibit you from having an exact number.

Flying low can lead to extremely accurate information, which is ideal for generating a detailed survey. Still, the risk of data accuracy (blurry image) and more extended flight and data processing time should be considered so more pictures will be processed.

How Do You Ensure the Accuracy?

Accurate rendering of Ortho-photomap is a big concern. DEM or 3D frequently appears similar to an incorrect one.

In addition to a standard terrain with several characteristic points and a reasonable overlap, if you have strong GPS conditions, stable flight and right weather conditions, the model should be reasonably reliable. Still, the only way to determine that is to measure an error analysis.

Apart from the Ground Control Points, a good practice is to calculate multiple checkpoints in the area. The checkpoints will help you measure the precision of the model using standard survey estimation techniques.

How Important Is Safety?

Whenever we’re talking about how drones can affect a project, protection still comes up. Yet, people who are already out in these scenarios understand what drones can do in this field in a way no one else can.

In very general language, we can speak of protection. Still, that idea means something genuine to people who no longer need to position themselves in dangerous circumstances because of these resources.

When we’re talking about a career in which people have and expect to sacrifice their lives, the risk reduction should not be underestimated. How much of an impact these devices have on a project cannot be overstated because the distinction in using them can be a life or death proposition.

The Future

Aerial surveying drone services has progressed to a point where we can no longer talk about the hype or probability. It is used practically now. There are still some critical regulatory openings. However, consumers indicate a significant understanding and adoption of the technology. There is no better time for someone interested in developing or completely exploiting UAV technologies than now.


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