In terms of used medical equipment on the market, the terminologies always vary. These include used, refurbished, and OEM refurbished. Although we have said the term ‘used,’ you may also find some other words like pre-owned.

Usually, people like to use interchangeable terms, but they always don’t indicate the same item. A phrase like ‘refurbished’ have some diverse meanings that depend on who you ask to make them even more puzzling.

Medical image sharing companies that look for inexpensive ways of their business, they go to these ways. Let’s stress that to you, “pre-owned” cover all these terms before we give an explanation how to acquaint with if a system is OEM refurbished, used, or refurbished.

Used Medical Imaging Equipment

As there is not a valid standard in this sector, you have to ask particularly what the brand has made the device. Some of them just move to their systems and they don’t do anything about update and cleaning. When you get a sell from a company, it goes “as is.”

Many companies sell these types of equipment like DCM viewer. But, they do something more than just move the tools. Also, they’ll certainly replace or repair the important parts if there is an issue with the unit. So, this will give the client the choice to get some power on getting their preferred configurations of the tool.

Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment

When it comes to the term ‘used,’ you’ll find thousands of used imaging tools for medical use. The term ‘refurbished’ is also known as “seller refurbished” since some people call it this way. That’s why it’s a hugely used phrase, but some other people call it as just refurbished when it has been used.

It describes a way where a systematic method has been applied that may include some cosmetic aspects. These include painting, cleaning, or alternate of covers plus its functionality, like parts unlocking options or replacement existing for the item.

Besides, companies define the item at the way that they should sell and it may widely vary. You should ask the seller to know what the tool has made off, replaced, and check up on the unit.

OEM Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment

It’s a heavier and complete ISO process to get a tool with OEM refurbishment. It’s as goes after the GRP as COCIR. These things are regarding the medical imaging, health ICT, electro-medical, and radiotherapy, industries of the European Trade Association. 

The term OEM stands for the original producer of the tool that controls the method. This is a thorough process and it starts after you choose the methods. The organization just chooses the top quality products that come with good service records. These include software upgrade, cosmetic parts replacement, and some others.

As a result, if you want to save some bucks buying used or refurbished medical imaging tools then OEM refurbished ones are the best substitutes of new ones. Also, they come with company warranty with the lower cost.


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