Positivity is a great thing and it helps your clients to make believe that they can achieve their goals. In the same way, it’s also a key point to make someone a successful coach. But, it may be a misunderstanding with you and your clients about what positivity is.

Also, it might be issues of contradiction when it’s very powerful, how to get it, and the ways of using it. Just like some other powerful tools, positivity can make some issues when you use it wrongly. This is why it’s one of the reasons that expert coaches should have better training.

As a result, they can understand the shades of the great tools they usually use. If they’re not, then likely to get backfire. But, this is the place where emotional intelligence and feedback works effectively.

Follow The Way of Healthy Positivity

Healthy positivity also can include powerful positive emotions. But, usually, it includes slight feelings like open-mindedness, empathy, curiosity, optimism, and contentment. Also, it may include generosity, kindness, harmony, compassion, perseverance, wisdom, flexibility, and trust in others.

If you note these, you’ll find most of them are character strengths. Instead of being 100% positive, healthy positivity is up to 90% positive after a while. However, when you’ll be more positive, you can face some hard moments and some unexpected days as well. The reason is that you can be responsive to your life rather than trying to organize it.

Always Avoid Manic Quality of Toxic Positivity

In terms of the toxic positivity, it fails to get the genuine concerns to react to what’s concerning around you. It does not just make other people believe you fake; it also makes you less trustworthy to them.

Because you already have decided how you’ll be POSITIVE, Toxic positivity is not responsive or curious regardless of the cost. It doesn’t manipulate to learn from your around or what the way other people respond. When it comes to the toxic positivity, it claims all things are great.

For example, you have a friend and you call him Bob. He was in the study of the “Law of Attraction” and expecting it’ll help him fabricate the coaching business. But, he failed and we find toxic positivity made him failed.

The Future of the Constant Worrier

You might like to control your future, but it hardly ever works. As a result, you’re using some ineffective and costly tools so that you can boost up. As people say, worry can’t be a part of a plan. Worse and tends to be worried make your anxious that’s a very common type of mental illness out there.

But, allow a specialized help you, if you’re constantly anxious. If you only need improvement, try to imagine what you like to have, instead of what you don’t like. After that ask your own how you’ll make it done.

Also, if you require some other resources like executive coach Santa Barbara to have out there then you have to start making them. Besides, sketch how you’ll manage it previously if you’re anxious something may go wrong.


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