You might be looking to start your personal blog. But, you’re confused about how to discover a suitable blogging platform. It’s because it’s not an easy thing to choose from the crowd of lots of various blogging platforms.

Like finding the best site to buy domain name for your blog, it’s also crucial to find the way, which is just perfect for you. Now, the question is how you can find a suitable blogging platform for you.

No worries, we’re here to help you through this post to choose you the right brand domain. So, just continue reading to know more about the topic regarding currently available popular personal blogging sites.

Things to Look for While Choosing the Right Blogging Platform

It’s useful to identify what you’re in search of in a blogging platform before you dive into the list. Because of being a beginner, you need to get a platform that will be as easy to use and set up as a little learning curve.

Also, it’s better to get one that doesn’t need to know coding skills. You also should not forget what type of blogging you’re going to start, no as well as later on. You can need to modify the appearance of your site by adding more options for the growing audience when the blog grows.

It means that this is essential to pick a flexible blogging platform that has enough room to move up. Moreover, it can make things very hard to control later on while you’re not initiating with the right platform.

Finally, it’s well-groomed to ensure you get the features to do when you need it if you’ll be blogging without the purpose of making money right now.

Well, let’s know about some of the top blogging platforms that you can start using as a beginner with keeping in mind all your necessities.

Serving since 2003, has achieved the title of the most popular blogging site in the world. Moreover, it’s now powering above 30% of other websites that are available on the internet.

As a free and open-source blogging platform, allows you to create your own blog or website within a few minutes.

Thanks to its self-hosted solution, it means you need to sign up using a hosting provider of WordPress. If you like to get complete control over the future of your blog, then it’s is a great option.

Constant Contact Website Builder

This is an AI-based blogging platform and it allows building your website or blog free of cost. It’s possible to initiate with their big collection of templates with the option to customize its design.

You’ll have to use a very easy feature of drag & drop that comes with its interface. Also, there are some more tools to help you. These include logo maker, specialized stored photo library with more than 550,000 images, and many more.

Apart from these two platforms, some more are out there, such as Gator by HostGator,, and



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