If you’re a regular reader of our posts, you know we have covered important safety guidelines for jet skiing. But, there are questions regarding what they will use while jet skiing. That means what they suppose to use or wear when someone is jet skiing.

Well, no worries! You can use simple attire for jet skiing like the normal swim trunks/ wetsuit/ bathing suit. And, one thing that is the most vital for this water sport is wearing a life jacket. Also, some other things are important here, including comfort and safety.

Another first and foremost thing to use is a layer of good sunscreen. And dress as you’re all set to get wet since you about surely will. You can get to hire in the rainfall relying on your trip schedule when you’re hiring a Jet Ski set in Ocean City.

Now, we’ll know a bit more about the attire for your next jet skiing. So, before you look for the “jet ski riding near me,” let’s know about the essential things.


It may sound like anything your mom tells you. But, it’s a must to use sunscreen while jet skiing. Even you should apply sunscreen if you have a plan to Jet Ski just for thirty minutes.

It’s because applying sunscreen may get the distinction between a nice vacation and a better vacation. Since the sun reflects off the water, it can give the UV rays more intensively.

It happens even if it’s cloudy, gloomy days. So, it would help if you used sunscreen in any case when you go jet skiing. This is not a big step. But, it’ll make a big difference between not being and being sunscreen.

Life Jacket

When you look for “jet ski rental near me” to go jet skiing, a life jacket is a must, and you can’t go without it at any cost. There are all sizes of life jackets that are included with rental. These are to keep you and your team safe on this water sport. You have to make sure that you get a properly fitting life jacket.

It’s because a life jacket that is too big can go up around the face. And one that is very small can not keep you afloat. When it’s about life jackets, style and comfort are not very important.

You should wear them for safety when you rent them in Ocean City. So, always remember that safety first at any cost. And it’s more applicable when it comes to jet skiing.


It has recommended that you wear a bathing suit. But, avoid anything that is too skin-tight, too big, or just plain unpleasant. Jet skiing necessitates mobility; thus, anything that restricts this is undesirable. Wearing shorts of some sort is highly recommended to avoid rash rub from holding the seat.

If you want to wear a t-shirt, the ideal materials are lightweight and breathable Lycra, nylon, and polyester, especially since most are quick-drying. You don’t want to wear anything that will rub against your skin and cause a rash.


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