Like human beings, technologies also become obsolete after a certain period. This is also the same for the PACS of your imaging center or hospital. The average life span of a PACS is about 3 to 5 years. Many people ignore the indicating signs of the obsoleteness of their DICOM PACS software and system.

But, it’s not an absolute way to deal with this solution as it may make issues for you. The possible issues you can face like it may be the cause of losing your data due to natural or manmade disasters.

So, you should strongly consider use backups to keep your data safe without falling issues of data lose. That’s why we have pointed out some indicating signs that will help you to understand your current PACS have become obsolete.

Unable to Share Your Patient Image

When you’re unable to share your patients’ images and their reports then you’re using an obsolete PACS. Sending them to their destinations after burning CDs and mailing is not the right solution in these days. From referring doctors to specialists and the patients themselves need to use their imaging studies.

As soon as possible they get it as much as better it for them. If patients and other desired persons can use it from anywhere, it’ll make them able to feel them happy. Also, it’s a better way to be more productive as it avails you some more time that you can invest some elsewhere.

Difficult to View Images

This is a very simply put. If you have a PACS but you feel it’s tough to view then we’re sure you don’t have a viewer with that one you bought. So, it’s obsolete that’s making things tougher for you and your patients as well. You always think to make things easier for you and all others included in this issue.

You have to get a simple viewer that supports your browsers. But, you don’t like to face the issue of downloading some other software or Java to view your studies. Moreover, your PACS have to the ability of integration with your existing EHR system. And it should help you to keep your information flow simply between your patient records and their images.

It’s Painful To Use

From slow viewing to slow login, your PACS might have lots of issues along with some technical difficulties. Usually, become slow of your system is the sign that indicates you should upgrade your hardware. And it gets worsens over time and it may cause you unable to use the system.

When you struggle to give the best potential care, you have nothing to do while disrupting you from using your studies. That means when you feel painful to use your PACS, you have to check your entire system. You’ll find some possible issues that are making your PACS difficult to use if you properly don’t know what is a PACS system.

Bottom Line

Besides, some other indicating points are that you’re not using the Cloud solution and your system is not up to date with the current standard of PACS. If you solve these issues, we’re sure you’ll be going smoothly with your PACS.


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