These colors and painting ideas can help smaller quarters look larger, whether this is a trick of the eye or reflection of light. It means that it’s probable you’re in search of ways to make them feel and look as brighter as airier if you’ve got dark or cramped spaces.

Moreover, the solution may vary from one room to another. We talked to the professionals and experts from the top commercial painting company to learn customized tricks to make a small room bigger with color. If you’re with this issue, you can follow the below tips to resolve it.

So, before you look for commercial painting contractors, take a quick look at these simple tips and tricks to make your small room feel bigger.

Small Bedroom’s Painting Idea

While having a smaller bedroom, it may feel claustrophobic and stiffing. But, it can be a comfortable sanctuary if you paint the room with the perfect paint colors.

Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Eiseman Center, says that she once received excellent advice from a painter who worked in apartments in New York City: paint the ceiling like the sky. “You can make the walls darker if you imitate the stars,” she says.

You may want something comfortable in a bedroom, so you create the ceiling sky’s illusion, so you don’t feel claustrophobic with color drama on walls. “Consider soothing blues such as Prelude by Behr or Scandinavian Sky from Olympic for the tiny bedroom ceiling.”

Small Living Room’s Paint Ideas

Typically, a living room is the hub of the most activity, and it serves several household uses. In this case, the quote of Cate Griffing, West Magnolia Charm color consultant and paint blogger, is referable.

She says, considers neutral, clean colors for a smaller living room. It’s because it’ll reduce visual clutter with clashing furnishings or textures that can create the space feel small.

You might also suggest painting one soothing hue for the entire shebang, including the ceiling and trim. This monochromatic treatment pulls the eye upwards and removes the optical roadblocks that can hem you in.

Small Kitchen’s Paint Ideas

Do you have a small kitchen? Get the trend of matte paint and think about something shiny. Eiseman says, “Completely everything with a sleeker finish makes more light reflection. Also, more light rebounding around, as countered to matte floor or wall which absorb light.”

“A shinier effect will produce the impression of more room,” Griffing adds that the higher the sheen, the more reflective the color of the paint will be, so sticks to colors with a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 63 or greater.

Small Dining Room’s Paint Ideas

Now, it’s time to go with the trend of getting waxes and wanes of an accent wall. But, it may always help make a dramatic depth or backdrop and sketch the eye up.

It’s because it counteracts low light or low ceilings. In this way, you can give small dining room color and drama.


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