Party buses or limos add an extra level of elegance to your special day, your wedding. However, while wedding planners can solve many things, they are often confused about whether to book a party bus or a limousine!

Also, handling affairs such as transportation is too much of a hassle for most people. Both party buses and limousines have their own sets of pros and cons.

So, before searching for a limousine rental for wedding, read this short guide and decide what to choose yourself.

The Benefits of Renting Party Bus

Party buses seat more guests than limousines, in addition to being marginally cheaper per passenger. They also offer extra facilities, such as TVs, light displays, sound systems, and restaurants, in some cases.

Party buses have more space for music, mingling, and other events because of their configurations. Party buses, though, often send off a more casual vibe, which can contrast with the formal atmosphere that most people equate with weddings.

However, the benefits of a high-end party bus cannot be overlooked. The party bus is the best choice if you are looking forward to enjoying an upbeat time with guests at your wedding while heading towards the venue.

Often there is an on-board bar and impressive light displays in a party bus for the visitors to enjoy. A party bus could be the right choice if you believe that having fun while traveling to the wedding is as important as the event itself.

The Benefits of Renting Limousine

Limousines are more often considered a luxury commodity. So, it is not difficult to understand why they are such a standard wedding pick. Wedding limousine rental helps everyone in the wedding party to relax in an intimate atmosphere.

It also comes with lots of anonymity because of the tinted glass and creates an immediate impact. Besides, many limos have cool amenities, such as fun interior lighting, sunroof, and free drinks.

Though regular party buses are cheaper, luxury party buses may cost a little more than hiring a limousine. So, besides providing the elegancy, limousines can also save you a little bit of money you can use on the other aspects of the wedding.

Decision Making

Deciding between a limousine or a party bus come downs to what style of wedding you are having. If it is a formal occasion, you can start off by renting a stretch limousine. It gives the ceremonies a more dignified look.

If you have a more casual wedding that will get the party underway, a party bus will suit you more.

Also, you may combine both. A limo may drop you out at the wedding ceremony. And a party bus can drive you back to the banquet after the party. When it comes to choosing between a party bus and a limousine for a reception, it’s just about adjusting your transportation to the occasion.

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