What are the most critical accessories for fly fishing? I highly suggest beginning with these things if you start this fascinating sport. It seems that we are trying to confuse things a little bit in fly fishing by using particular nodes and names.

Don’t let this get you intimidating; fly fishing at its heart is straightforward, but you can make learning a little more comfortable with a few critical resources in your fly fishing vest. So, before you look for something else, let’s know about the fly fishing accessories you need.

Nail Knot Tool

For the fishing of fly, there are around 4 to 5 knots. The NAIL KNOT is a knot for which I see increasingly more applications. He recently asked Steve Martinez, a fly fishing guide, what his favorite tool is to fly fish. The KISS (Maintain It Simple) is a swift nail-knot tier.

There is nothing more, built of stainless steel with a glossy finish and a loop to attach to a lanyard or jacket. The thumb tab sits in your hand perfectly; the “U” has smooth edges to shield your line from nicks.

A leader on the flying line and a support line is the primary use for a nail knot. These knots can be attached without a tool, but using a tool is much simpler than without it.

Dr. Slick Scissor Clamps

It would help if you faced it every time you play with string. You will have to tie nudges, crush hook barbs and cut hooks from your fish while fly fishing. Sincerely, a dozen different Scissors/Heizers, I owned, lost, and purchased. Dr. Slicks proved to be my favorites.

On each outing, I use them. A 6 hacks video I use this key fly fishing accessory has already filmed. Dr. Slick has tightened scissors, a pin, and a smoother eye of the hook. They are available in black, gold, and sturdy (silver). In this case, you can also look for “fly fishing fliesfor fishing.

The big loops for your fingers are another excellent touch. I don’t have large hands, but some of my other scissors have issues because they have too short loops. I can tell you one of the secrets to fish more fish – hold as much as possible a fly in the water.

Fly Line Nippers

Oh my god, I am seeing nippers costing over a hundred dollars. I can’t do it, sorry. Sorry. I saw some nippers some years ago (I believe this was eBay). They were based on the traditional style of the fingernail clipper. I made lanyards and gave them to friends.

I will never find them again, of course. What do I like about them? I got a little leverage from the clipper to cut almost every thread. Braids will provide snippet, 40 lb mono, even rope.

I may sharpen my diamond hook file with FLAT cutting blades. With gloves on, the big thumb tab can work. I guess the best thing was a few dollars. If this look can find – buy it.


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