Design is of great importance in every iOS app and every iOS mobile application development company stresses on it. We have created a guide that helps users understand why they should pay special attention to the design in their apps.

1. First Impression Counts

The first point which highlights the importance of good design in iOS app is that it creates the first impression of the users and potential customers. People will be impressed if the app has a cool and simple design and facilitates them the most. They will be forced to delete the app if it has a bad design which is not user-friendly.

2. Improves User Experience

The purpose of creating an app is to improve the user experience and help out everyone who visits the website. With a bad design, your iOS app will not do any good to the customer experience. That is why the design should be really simple, modern, theme based and makes users feel comfortable.

3. Effect on Sales and Revenue

It goes without saying that the design of a business app also affects the sales as well as the profits a business earns. A good design of the iOS app will attract more users and customers. They will buy products leading to increase in sales. This will ultimately enhance the revenues and make the company more profitable.

4. Improves SEO Ranking

Google considers over 200 factors when it ranks websites. The design of the app is one of these factors and influences Google’s decision to rank a website. If the app features a simple and contemporary design, it will definitely have a good impact on the site ranking leading to better reputation, more traffic and sales.

5. Analysis Reports

The apps also provide the companies with the analyses, reports, analytics and monitoring. With a good design, the app will help out the companies to prepare reports and further share with the customers and industry players. A bad design of your iOS app will make it hard for customers to access data and reports.

6. Get Featured in App Store

Apple features the best apps every day. The company picks apps from all categories for its APP OF THE DAY. You can also get your app featured in the App Store if it has a decent design, attracts users and Apple finds it something extraordinary.

7. Get Loyal Customers

Without any doubt, the customers turn loyal when they believe the app of the business is good and helps them. They start trusting the brands and stay with them no matter what. For companies, the good design of the iOS app brings more loyal customers.

8. Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

You will definitely be ahead of your competitors when you have an iOS app with a cool design. They will feel an urge to copy your design idea and apply to their apps. You will become a trendsetter in the market.


Design of the iOS app has a great significance. It influences customer experience, user loyalty, improves ranking, increases sales, and makes the brand more competitive. You should hire a good iOS mobile application development company to boost your app experience.


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