If you’re a resident of Dade County you may look for Dade County junk removal service providers. You also may look for some other related items that are very useful to you. For example, you probably need to know how to remove your old carpet if you like to do it your own. So, we’ll know about the topic that’s something different than our regular ones. This is because pulling out your home carpet is not as easy as many think about it. On the other hand, it’s not like a job of impossible and you can do it if you know the right way to doing the job. As a result, can do it yourself if you follow the instructions that we’re going to provide you through this content. So, continue reading on the entire content till to the end.

What is the Step of Carpet Removal?

At the very first step, you have to get prepared and you should consider wearing a pair of hand gloves so that you can keep your hands safe. Then, you should use a knife to cut up the section and you have to start from your corner point of the room. In the case of Wall-to-wall carpeting, you can use a utility knife to cut it at a small square in its corner.

After that, you have to use the same knife to continue cutting and start folding the carpet inside to the middle of your room. You should do it while you’re working outside from your wall. When you have folded it, you have to cut it to make large at the fold and make it more manageable pieces. If you cut your carpet it helps to remove it easily from your home after finishing your job.

Now, you have to pull up your padding that’s most time stapled to your floor in the room. You can simply use your hand to pull up it. In the end, when you held your padding to the floor you has to finish your job by removing the staples. But, you may feel this job hard as you have to do it manually using pliers.

What You Have to Do After Removal?

It’s taking out the padding and carpet afterward is the most difficult part of the carpet removal job. As there is heavy and bulky roll you have to lift them to take out from your room. You can get the help of the service provider who works to collect junk. This is because when you’ve taken out your carpet out you’re done and the next step is to throw it out. But, you can’t do it your own so you need to take help from some others. And in this case, you need to get help from junk removal service provider.

Bottom Line

This is the simplest way to remove your junked carpet from your home where you can do a half job and another half should be done by the junk pickup Dade county service provider. But, you can hire them for the entire job from the beginning to save you time if you’re a busy guy.


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