Let’s be honest; we all have our fair share in the part we have played in ruining the planet. Obliviously, we commit all sorts of environmental crimes that is damaging the planet in ways that far more harmful than you realize just about now. But just like harming the planet, we can reduce the amount of harmful carbon dioxide released

1. Eat Less Meat

Going vegan is probably the best option you can opt for if you’re so adamant in making planet earth a better place for living and are passionate about it. You don’t necessarily have to be on a strict vegetarian or vegan diet, but reducing your meat intake alone can have a significant impact on the carbon footprint.

Eating less meat would mean less deforestation as livestock utilizes a large amount of land. Also, livestock consumes a lot of water and water scarcity is major problem that world today is facing and the agribusiness is to blame. The agribusiness is also responsible for the emission of harmful gases that contribute to increasing the carbon footprint.

2. Electricity

Always remember to plug out your devices when not in use. Electricity wastage has a huge impact on the increasing carbon footprint and it is up to us to bring it back down before worse comes to worst. Never leave the lights, fans, air conditioners, heaters, etc. open when no one is in the room. Energy is being uselessly wasted. And when this is how the situation is like in most households, the increased production of greenhouse gases from plants endanger the environment in every way possible.

3. Drive Less

Vehicles are the most prominent source of the emission of greenhouse gases. Most houses own at most two to three cars. Traffic is increasing with the passage of time as people strive to own their very own vehicles instead of using public transportation.

But when it comes to saving the planet, it is best to leave the approval of others aside. Choose public transportation which means one less car out on the streets. Or you could opt for eco-friendly transportation options like a bicycle or rollerblades etc. not only is it good for the environment but healthy for your wellbeing.

4. Eat Organic

Growing your own garden where you’ll grow your own vegetables and fruits is so productive yet beneficial for the environment. Growing your vegetables have myriads of benefits. You eat organic freshly grown vegetables that will benefit your health and give you the vitamins and minerals at its best. The pesticides that are used on crops to keep the pest away are harming the environment more than doing good and thus it would be really responsible of you if you put on some effort and grow your very own garden to harvest your crops.

5. Remove Unnecessary Stuff responsibly

You won’t believe how bad it’s for the environment when you throw stuff away irresponsibly. A better way is to let junk removal Austin services do that as they take the stuff from your place and then recycle much of it.

If you are doubtful, ask about garage removal cost by Austin junk removal service from your family, friends, and neighbors before making a decision.


There are many other steps one can to reduce the carbon emission like swapping clothes instead of buying new ones. There are many other practices you can practice to reduce carbon footprint but what matters most is taking responsibly of your actions and dealing with them effectively.


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