That’s how you can spot bad painting contractors. Read on.

1. No Insurance Provided

If your home interior painting contractor doesn’t provide proper insurance and is not licensed then it is an alarming sign that the contractor is not professional, and he does not have an established business. An uninsured contractor would not cover up the damages that might occur during the project and you would have to pay extra for that. Make sure you never go for an uninsured and non-licensed painting contractor.

2. Fluctuating Rates

Every professional contractor visits his client’s house to check the site, determine the amount of work that needs to be done in the house and then provides an accurate estimate to be paid. But, if your contractor doesn’t do any of this and provide an estimate in the beginning but keep on fluctuating the rates a couple of days prior to the start of the project then this is another warning sign that your contractor is not the right one. If you don’t change the contractor at that time then, you might get unpleasant surprises by the end of the project in the form of additional charges.

3. No Written Contract Provided

Oral promises should never be trusted as the contractor can any time step back of his words if something goes wrong and would leave you in trouble. If your contractor doesn’t provide the written contract with every detail in it then you should walk out of his office as soon as possible because it would be just a waste of time and nothing else.

4. Bad Customer Care Service

Providing quality customer service is the top priority of every reputable residential painting company. Every professional contractor would want to satisfy and convince their customers about their skilled personnel and expertise in home interior painting. If your contractor talks to you about everything in detail then he is the one. But if your contractor seems too busy to talk to you or doesn’t satisfy you enough then there is no need to spend a few more minutes with him. Bad customer service is the thing that hits the customers and they refuse to hire contractors from such companies.

5. No Referrals or Portfolio

Portfolio and referrals help a lot in gaining the trust of customers as they get satisfied with the work of the company. Having no portfolio or references for the customers is the thing that can be spotted in a bad painting contractor. Ask for referrals and previous work photos from your contractor in order to check their work quality but if they fail to provide one then you need to think twice before starting a contract with him.

6. Quotes Lower Than Reasonable Price

If the interior painting contractor quotes you a very low amount, even below than the budget you set then don’t go with that contractor. It is a sign of a bad painting contractor who uses low-quality materials and an unskilled crew who wouldn’t be able to give off the desired results and you would need to get your house repainted very soon.


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