The typical injury during hiking is the blistering of the skin. So, every person wants to skip this critical part during hiking. But how it is possible? Yes, there are some tricks to prevent blistering if you follow correctly.

The reason behind the blistering is heat from fraction and continuous pressure on it. Also, it depends on your ware to which you are comfortable.

At the same time, your inappropriate shoe may be the main culprit. Finally, see the content below to avoid blistering successfully during hiking. So, before you look for contact us form, read on for details.

Tricks to Skip Blister of Foot

The socks are vital clothing during hiking. So, one needs to be aware during purchasing this hiking gear. Therefore, it would not be correct to use the regular official type socks for hiking mountain. So, first, you need to know the appropriate types of socks that can prevent blistering.

The socks minimize the friction between your shoe and the skin. So, socks are a protecting shield for your skin. The socks made with soft materials can do protecting tusk nicely.

In addition, a layer of extra wool can prevent severe pressure of friction. As a result, you can experience hiking without any blister. So, look for extra cushioning socks for your mountain hiking.

Try Foot Powder and Sock Liner

You can have the first-class output using powder to prevent blistering during hiking because the foot power is a great agent to reduce friction. The powder also works as a sweat inhibitor. Therefore, you can purchase from a superstore or drug store before any hiking.

It would help if you covered your foot with white powder before wearing the socks. Some people pour the powder inside the sock liner.

Interestingly, it may work nicely as well to prevent blister during mountain hiking. Expertise says that the foot powder helps to keep your foot shape nicely after a hectic workout.

Top Hiking Boots That Prevent Blisters

Well, we always suggest wearing hiking shoes than boots. Mainly, the shoes are heavy, that is why it tough to manage. And they are not comfortable as well. We have talked with the many hikers, and they have shared their boots experience.

Some hikers said that they get bad blisters on their foot which is very irritating and painful too. Well, you can avoid blisters problem if you use quality and lightweight boots.

Even there many brands that come with blisters prevent features. So, whenever you buy hiking boots, make sure that you are selecting blister containing boots.

Keep Debris Away from Your Boots

Lastly, we will suggest you keep your boots always neat and clean. Usually, when you wear hiking boots, there is a high possibility to get a blister. That is why you have to more careful about the debris.

We know hiking means dust and debris.

So, it will be better to clean the shoes after a while. Whenever it is possible, stand and then shake your leg to remove the dust. Also, you can keep a soft cloth with you to clean the boots on trial.


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