Do you have a droopy ceiling in your car? Apart from being this eyesore, it can be an issue for your safety. Even it may obscure your vision. It may look like an involved job of car ceiling repair.

But, you can do it your own with a bit of patience along with the right tools. Indeed, it’s a DIY project, and it doesn’t need to engage thumbtacks and duct tape. That means repairing your car ceiling is a simple task that you can do with ease.

But, you should have the right tools to accomplish this task. You can do this DIY task with a little bit of patience. So, before you look for “find tire size,” let’s know more about fixing headlines with your car ceiling repair.

Taking Out the Headliner

Probably, the hardest part of the car ceiling repairing job. Its headliner should come out of your car. It’ll allow you to reupholster this. If there is any part that touches the headliner, you have to remove it.

But, this car auto parts may differ depending on the car. Things such as rubber liners and lateral panels can draw the ceiling completely or as far as possible. A visor and a grip handle may require a screwdriver.

And cupola lighting may require electricity disconnection. The headliner should come out simply once the ceiling is clean. So, it would help if you bowed your seats to slip your headliner outside one of the doors unless you have a hatchback.

Preparing For the Job

Set the job up in a perfectly ventilated area. It should be away from flammable things like fabrics. Also, if there is spray glue, it can get messy. Upon a higher surface, put the headliner ceiling-side.

So, obliterate its existing fabric. Underneath, you have to remove a small foam residue using a stiff plastic brush. Your headliner consists of fiberglass or something more delicate, depending on the material.

You can use a wire brush to achieve faster results. Put fresh foam-side liner fabric across the headliner to ensure that it is properly covered. So, for most automobiles, three yards should do so, and overhang is good presently.

The Process of Reupholstery

To the headliner to grasp it in its place, clip one end to its fabric. And fold over half of this fabric back to depict the fresh headliner. Using long and sweeping motions, spray a moderate layer of scattering glue on the headliner.

It would help if you continued doing this until it covers the entire surface evenly. It should cover the edges as well. So, Do it again for the uncovered foam surface of its fabric. You have to wait for up to 10 minutes and let the surfaces dry.

Fold the tissue carefully to the headliner, and then use something inside out, using a direct edge or the back of your palm. Don’t tap your fingertips, or fingerprints will leave you.

Press the cloth over the edges of any holes carefully, only enough to discern its contours. So, release the clamps, fold the other half of the textile and repeat on the other side.

After this, perform the reinstallation task.


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