The following guide will help you in buying a longboard no matter if they are new or used longboards.

1. The Shape of the Board

For someone who is starting the sport of longboarding need to know that there are many shapes of longboards. You need to find one that is suitable for you to aid your beginner skills. There are a lot of shapes but the main ones that you will focus on are the directional and twin. Directional longboards are those that have more volume on one side of the board which helps the longboard to go forward. Their shape and size help in cruising around and learning carves. Pintail longboards are the most popular directional longboards.

If you want more freestyle in your boarding, then you must consider twin longboard which looks the same way wherever you look at them. It is best for someone who wants to do freeriding because its shape promotes it.


2. Board Length

Board length should also be taken into account when buying new or used longboards. The length of the board plays a vital role in the overall agility and stability of the longboards. Longer longboards are stable, but they lack quick movements or agility so if you want to cruise along a long way, longer boards are recommended. Boards which have shorter length are much more agile and have quick movements so that you can go through obstacles with ease.

3. Deck

Type of the deck is responsible for the type of ride you get so you must know about them before buying one. Choose the one that compliments your riding style. The key features a deck must have been the stability, agility while carving, foot brake and pushing forward capability.

A top mount deck is the most popular and balanced deck style. Freeriding and freestyling can be done with ease by this deck. The top mount also has agility in making quick turns.

Drop through decks are the ones that are mounted through the trucks essentially lowering the board and the center of gravity. These decks lessen the fatigue as the foot doesn’t have to drop very much to touch the ground and this is useful when you are riding for a long distance.

Drop down decks are the ones that drop even further down the tracks. They are more stable than the previous two and the brakes can be applied quicker.


4. Board Flexibility

Flexibility also plays a vital role in how your longboarding will play out. It all depends on materials, length and bunch of other factors. When buying used longboards or any other used camping gear, know that stiff boards are stable at high speeds but very rough on rough surfaces. Medium flex is ideal for absorbing the shocks from rough surfaces while providing stability. Soft flex boards are amazing in riding on rough surfaces, but they are light and aren’t suitable for high speeds.

5. Wheels

Wheels are the most important thing to take into account when buying a longboard. The size and softness all play a major role in the ride. Wheels take all the hits that come off the track. Softer wheels provide more grip and agility. Square shaped wheels make the board more stable and round ones are useful in freestyle. There are so many customizable options for you to fit your riding style.


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