The value of a light table is known to each architect, animator, composer, and so on. It is a perfect medium for drawing and drawing exact diagrams.

There are, however, 10 of the top light tables currently available on the market that we can support professionals on the market for one of these today.

Light tables from a variety of prices list with certain advantages and inconveniences for each. You should go on to choose the one that meets your budget and needs. So, before you look for “buy light table,” let’s know more about them.

US Art Supply Lightmaster Jumbo 32.5″ Light Table

The US Art Supply brings this awesome entry at first sight at a little high price. But this light table is massive and offers so many advantages that warrant its price.

The light table is super thin and has a high finish – well-conceived with due regard to portability. To complete it, there is also a 1-year guarantee. This table we had a wonderful time use.

The truth is that our artists enjoy the lightness and the ease with which everything has drawn on the table board. The work surface – 17″x24″ – is also incredibly large, making it easier to use bigger paper. The projector night lights are also unbelievably well built.

LitEnergy A4 Ultra-Thin Portable Light Table

Ultra-Thin LitEnergy A4 is a very cheap and good portable light table. The quality you get has an outstanding value proposition. You can pick it up anywhere for about $25. The offer is not uncommon.

In reality, many light tables come at the same price – as they are on this list. But, the product is more than satisfying in design and quality. It’s not as bright as the last one, but we didn’t worry about that since you can get 5 of them at the cost of one of the previous entries.

Artograph A950 LED Light Table

A950 puts Artograph on this list the most expensive entry. It’s an intuitive and robust masterpiece in architecture. And a protective locking bag has also included. It has a huge workspace of 17″x24.”

And, to say the least, the LED light surface is wonderful. We liked its slim profile that was so flexible and versatile to use while drawing.

It felt effortless to carry, store or even move, and it counts particularly when working as we could tilt it easily in any direction we liked. The huge drawing-room was truly beautiful and an absolute surprise. There are some incentives added, unlike the first entry.

A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Table

This light table comes with a slender build, which feels wonderful to use and comes for about $25 for a meager price. It’s a product of consistency that feels more robust than intended.

But, above all, the lights are not only spectacular in this budget. And your power is certainly a pleasant treat. First, it’s just 5mm thick, and it’s incredible. It seems legit to be used as a board. It is so compact that our musicians have enjoyed it.


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