African print clothing has taken the fashion industry to a whole level with colorful prints and designs. These prints are making fashion enthusiasts fascinated and that’s why more and more fashion houses are incorporating African prints into their works. It will seem like the prints have just taken the market but they are there for a very long time. The searches on the internet about African prints slowly started gaining pace in early 2011.

The prints and colors speak a different language than any other clothing line. There is always a rich detail of history when a specific print, color, or design is chosen. For example, the color white represents purity and innocence while the color red signifies blood and an honor to the martyrdom. Every color, every design has an interesting story to it and that makes an additional plus point that the print is getting so much attention, if not for the bold colors and beautiful patterns. Today, we will be seeing more reasons behind African fashion’s successful fashion industry invasion.

1. Attention toward the roots

Many native African designers are thinking big and thus they are returning home, to their roots and culture. They are returning home because just like us they saw something pure in the colors and patterns that can attract anyone. Also, putting African fashion on a pedestal gives the designers a chance to kill two birds with one stone – promoting their culture and amp up the fashion trends. As African fashion is gaining momentum with time, international designers are more eager to incorporate the prints and clothes into their clothing lines.

2. Social media influence

Social media in influencing new and native designers to express their creativity, thanks to the internet. Online businesses are very much playing a substantial role to promote the clothing. Designers and crafters are working together to bring light toward their fashion by showcasing their work onto the website and delivering almost everywhere once a dress gets ordered.

3. The customers

Customers also should get a special thanks for making the fashion well known to many people whether local or international. For example, someone sees a beautiful African dress on a website and purchases it. That person wears the dress at work or party and gains other people’s attention, these people then ask that person where she/he purchased their dresses from, and thus the person shares the source which eventually leads to another purchase. This creates a chain, where one buys followed by the others.

4. Celebrity exposure

Celebrities have been spotted embracing their native fashion in events and shows which took the fashion many notches higher. Die-hard fans, fashion enthusiasts, etc. would want to recreate the look and hence they will order more clothes. And for designers, once it hits certain popularity amongst celebrities, this gives them a chance to explore and create.

African men and womens online clothing is set to change the game of the fashion industry. There are many print dress styles for daily wear, work, various occasions, and events. Once you see their creativity, variety, and richness of the color, you can’t stop yourself from owning one, guaranteed!


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