Many people want to know how to buy a new car but don’t care about their cars. The care and maintenance of a car are more important and we have listed some useful tips that will you in this regard.

1. Improve Safety

The safety of the car is more important than anything else. A safer car means a better riding experience and a comfortable journey. You should check and inspect the car regularly for safety and maintenance. Regular inspection will help you find out any possible issues and avoid accidents.

2. Rainproof Windshield

You should be careful to this when you are driving and it rains. You can use Rain Clear products that make wipers unnecessary in light rains. The wipers may get out of order if they work regularly. So a simple product like this will be more useful in rainy weathers.

3. Remove Distractions

The driver is the most important person when a car is running and people are traveling. The driver should have no distractions at all. Anything inside the car should be removed or placed at a place where it doesn’t distract the driver. Make you’re driving more comfortable and safer with fewer distractions.

4. Enhance Performance

You can improve and increase the performance of your car if you take care of it. Changing filters and oil, servicing it regularly, washing the car every month, inspecting brakes and tires are some tips that increase the performance of your vehicle and make it lasts longer than you expect.

5. Lower Your Seat

Lowering your seat make you feel the sensation of speed. The drivers who keep seats higher report they feel like they are driving slow. So in order to feel the speed and check how you are going, you should lower the seat. This makes driving more comfortable as well.

6. Avoid the Hot Seat

Many people use hot seats without caring what the consequences may be. A study in Fertility and Sterility found that optimum temperature reduces a man’s sperm production. And this happens when you sit for 90 minutes on a hot seat that raises the scrotal temperature as high as 99 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Be Careful on the Road

You must be careful while driving on the road. Rural area roads have more death rates than roads of any other part of the country. That is because the roads are dangerous, poorly marked, curvy, broken, lack of streetlights, distant from health centers and other reasons.

8. Warm Your Engine

A lot of drivers are careless regarding the engines of their cars. They know how important warming up an engine is but still, they don’t warm up the engines. The cold batteries produce no power and abrupt start affects the battery health in negative ways.

9. Limit Passengers

More passengers mean more weight in the car and more stress on the engine. Keep the passenger minimum in order to let your engine work in the best form. Experts reveal that the risk of an accident is five times more when you have two or more kids or teenagers in your car. So make that the cut-off.

Here is a very good video on driving tips which gonna help you a lot beside the information above. Check it out!

So, these some cool things to know besides how to buy a new car. We hope you enjoyed them!


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