Here are some reasons why Americans love softball and also love to buy some cool slow pitch softball Jerseys.

1. Less Competitive

In the first 10 years when softball started, there were 10,000 team in the US and increased to 30,000 in next five years. During the last five years, there has been 10,000 new teams every year and now the Americans have around 100,000 softball teams in the country. This game has 9-10 players and most of them have a chance to play. This is an extreme pleasure for them. They find it less competitive that is why millions of American play softball.

2. Health Benefit

This is the major reason behind every sport activity. However, softball is easy to play and this made softball so popular among the Americans that every summer 40 million people play it. Whether you are a pitcher, a batter, a fielder- this game keeps you fit and active. Moreover, the game is fit for all age groups including the children and somehow adult people. They feel better with the game and take care of their health as well as fitness.

3. No Injuries

Softball seems to be a game with less burden on the body. This is true to some extent that the game is no hectic like football and other games. Another reason that makes it very popular is the rate of injuries. In softball, injuries are no severe and very low. Various studies have proved that percentage of injuries in softball as well as baseball is very low. By following the safety rules, players can avoid even the smallest injuries.

4. Game for All

When it comes to the softball rules, there is no restriction on the gender of the players. But men play more than women and they are huge in number when compared with women. Despite this fact, this game is for all people. They all find it an entertaining and exciting game. There is even a softball league in California for people who have suffered from heart attacks.


5. Big Dollars

Nowadays, every sport game and activity pay well to the players. The top softball players manage to earn a huge amount every year. Match fees, prizes, and endorsements mean some players earn in six figures. Players have contracts with shoes, bat, ball and uniform companies and they make really good amounts from them. Apart from players, the management and organizers also earn smart amounts.

6. Exploring Talent

According to a lot of Americans, they lobe softball because it lets them explore their talent. There are a lot of opportunities in the game to socialize, meet new people and learn from them. With learning, the players also explore what they are good at. They can find their talents in the best possible way. Moreover, the game lets them enjoy the life to the fullest. This can be a convincing reason why people love softball.

7. Being Social

When you meet so many new people, there are people who you find interesting and befriend with them. This is something Americans really love about softball. Not only the players, but the viewers and fans also enjoy matches, special moments and being social with likeminded people.

So, choose your mens softball jersey design, buy your slow pitch softball Jerseys and start doing what you love.


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