The year is almost bidding us farewell. In 2020 we saw and faced many unpleasant things that happened to us, especially the pandemic. We fought COVID – 19 together, the battle is still going on, but there is a possibility that we will win against it. Speaking of the pandemic, COVID-19 has affected the forex market massively, causing significant losses in the shares. Yet, some cryptocurrency brokers put their strength together and held tight; as a result, they succeeded. If you want to buy and sell digital currencies, you need an online broker to wisely invest your money. Therefore, we will be doing a review of 2020’s best cryptocurrency brokers so that you can decide which broker to select next year.

1. TD Ameritrade Review

TD Ameritrade is a top-rated broker with attractive packages for investors. The package includes trades with zero cost, trading platforms, tools and educations for beginners, market research analysis, customer service, etc. TD Ameritrade is suitable for beginners learning their way to the forex world. The tools in the platform are all updated and upgraded regularly with a unique web design. The platform features more than 200 instructional videos on each topic regarding the Forex and the trades. TD also has a mobile app suitable for iPhones or Androids. If you are an active trader and you don’t want to spend a few hours in the trading process, you can use the app. The app shows you live trading and transactions, which means you can check the trade anytime from anywhere. The platform lets its customers access its TV Network and trade peacefully. 

2. eToro

eToro is a social trading platform that involves social trading for traders or investors. eToro has recently introduced itself as a crypto trading platform and offers an advanced cryptocurrency exchange platform called eToroX. The platform is easy to use and operates with advanced technics and strategies for traders and investors. It also provides access for the traders to tight spreads. The API called AlgoX is smart and can create custom automated trading tools. With better insights and researching sources, you can find it very easy to grasp the concept of cryptocurrencies.


With Gemini, you can easily build up your portfolio for cryptocurrencies and execute your trading strategy with great ease. There are tonnes of useful tools and education that will help you do your best at cryptocurrency trading. The design layout is great, and the little app is convenient when you aren’t in front of your desktop. You can track the asset prices and real-time market prices and set price alerts for assets you are interested in. You can even use your app as an e-wallet for transactions. Gemini gives you a free account to start trading without losing money from your pockets.


4. Keep A Bit Review

Keep A Bit is a trading and digital currency platform that is simple yet powerful. The platform’s design is simple, with no useless detailing, which makes this platform very reliable for crypto trading. Opening a free account is very simple but needs to follow some procedures. You need to deliver documents of your necessary information, for example, your ID, address, driver’s license, etc., before opening an account. Keep A Bit reviews all the information to verify if your documents are genuine. You will get to create the account as soon as the process finishes. KeepABit has an extensive educational section that can make you feel like you are in a huge library! They offer full insights from the inception of digital currencies to trading strategies; hence it is a perfect choice for investors or traders who are new to crypto trading. They have three ways of communication, direct calls, instant chat, and email – you can choose any form you want to reach out to them. They are super fast in catering to your needs.

5. iTrustCapital

iTrustCaptial lets you trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. However, to trade, you need to have an individual retirement account or IRA. It charges no minimum trade or account fee but charges a fee of $29.95 per month. The price includes IRA fees, asset charges, access to trading platforms, and accessing noteworthy features. If you want to convert your asset into gold or hold gold in your individual retirement account, iTrustCapital lets you do that as well. 

6. Altrady

Altrady is a trading account for crypto traders of various levels, such as beginner and advanced. The tools they offer are very efficient but very affordable, unlike other cryptocurrency brokers. The website is user-friendly and adapts to the trader’s needs. It provides price alerts, portfolio management, an exchange calculator, various widgets, and a customized account layout. This helps you understand the platform and add or remove things that aren’t useful for you.


While all these platforms are super flexible and easy to use, they can be subject to fraud and security issues. So, make sure you choose a digital currency trading platform that offers multifold protections to prevent the hacking issue. When we did the KeepABit review, we noticed that they were very vigilant and careful while processing a new account, which impressed us. 


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