Many catering business owners agree that the business is not easy to maintain. Sometimes even with the right tool, things don’t go well. For starters with lesser employees, the business concept can be harder than expected. There are catering services almost anywhere, but you constantly need to up your game by taking steps ahead. The first thing to do for starters is creating a catering website. Having a great website will draw attention to your company. But the aftermath of generating huge attention can create a nuisance if catering management is not handled properly.

And how would you ensure proper management? By getting a catering software. Catering management software might sound like an extra prop but in reality, it’s a tool that every catering business should have. Such software helps in managing major aspects like handling orders, kitchen production schedules, billing, providing catering menus, event management, and many more. Here are a few software for your catering business.

1. Flex Catering

Flex Catering is a web and cloud-based software that handles all the tasks diligently. The software is user friendly and has the most advanced online ordering website, which is fully integrated to the catering software. The software also introduced the first catering Kitchen Display System (KDS). The display system helps in live displaying orders that are ready to be made, so you know what and when to make. Forget spreadsheets as the software is integrated with the accounting platform, to help keep tabs on expenses. You can also easily manage your events, customers and payment process. The dashboard gives you a clean and articulated overview of your customers, sales summary, and overall business performance.

2. PeachWorks

With PeachWorks you can create employee schedules and keep track of your inventory. It calculates theoretical inventory and nutrition information that is suitable for customers. PeachWorks helps you customize your own apps according to your needs. The smooth interface lets you have a better experience on the phone and other devices. With PeachWorks you can create checklists which can prove essential for last-minute grocery shopping.

3. Caterease

Caterease is a web-based software that offers catering as well as event planning services. The software lets you create a custom contract, manage orders, production, products and customers. The platform is sophisticated but it is not cloud based and the online ordering capabilities are limited. The employee-manager option shows you a list of your company’s employment status and information. Another useful option of Caterease is it notifies you by texting or emailing about your upcoming plans and schedule.

4. Pxier

Pxier catering is a hosted catering software with interesting features. The best thing is it gives a free trial for 30 days. The software is designed to take care of you and your customer’s needs. It includes customer management programs and easy payment processing using credit cards. The invoice is emailed to your customers when they place an order. The reporting tool lets you view sales data, upcoming catering events, etc to enhance your business. Pxier is used by hotels like Radisson Hotel.

5. Better Cater

Loaded with productive features, Better Cater is easy to use. The software generates reports for tracking sales and employees. With an integrated calendar inside, the software helps with pre-booking and scheduling any event. Also, it is synced with Apple and Google calendar, so you can use it from any device. You can organise your task with ease using Better Care. Like Pxier it also offers a free trial for 30 days.

6. CaterZen

Although CaterZen is last in the list but not the least. CaterZen let’s you work peacefully and manage the business operation in an instant. The delivery manager feature allows you to assign drivers for deliveries. You can also keep tabs of sales and marketing. The software also has a reminder system that is quite a useful tool to remind you about upcoming events, schedules, or orders from customers. Their catering app manages everything, including keeping records and tracking expenses without having to use spreadsheets.

One thing to note is that although most catering software have the same core features of taking orders and generating reports, they will differ greatly on usability, online ordering and comprehensiveness of extra features. There is a new generation of catering software coming into the market, such as Flex Catering, which provides a complete and easy to use software with online ordering capabilities. It is definitely worth checking. Catering software doesn’t come for free, however, most of them provide a free trial period. Trial it before signing up.


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