Women’s rain jackets are not just worn for protection against the rain but also look stylish. Rain jackets on rainy days are an essential piece of the wardrobe because you don’t want your clothes to get drenched, right?  If you are a woman who loves wearing a rain jacket, this curated collection of rain jackets are for you. Check this list of women’s rain jackets and coats, and pick your best.

1. Charles River Apparel New Englander Rain Jacket

It got the best review out of all the rain coats for men and women. Charles River rain jacket is light and consists of a light mesh lining. The length comes to the upper-thigh. The hood has a protruding lip in the front to keep the hood in place, preventing rain from hitting your face. Don’t be fooled by a light jacket; this jacket is very tough and durable. Wearers have reported that it can easily last up to 4-5 years. The colors are vivid and warm. Hikers can take this rain jacket for hiking as well. This jacket is not warm enough to wear in chilly and frozen weather; however, it should provide you decent warmth during the rain.

2. Raines by Totes Adult Unisex Rain Poncho

Raines’s rain jacket is the best one in the market if you are looking for a cheaper substitute for the lightweight Charles River’s one. The poncho-style raincoat is trendy amongst people these days. Reviewers also have a lot of praise to say about this rain poncho. Some people see no point in taking an umbrella when they wear this poncho. The poncho sits at the knees and is very wide. It has impressive resistance to rain and is fairly durable. Getting a bomb rain jacket at an affordable price is tough, but Raines solves the problem by giving you the best rain jacket even under a limited price range.

3. Amazon Essentials Women’s Waterproof Rain Jacket

If you like oversized rain jackets, this jacket is for you. Wearers appreciate how roomy and comfortable it is. Wear this jacket with a long-sleeved shirt and a fleece jacket, and you are good to go! In colder months, this baggy jacket gives you the advantage of topping off multiple cold layers, so you are protected from cold and rain. Because the raincoat is lightweight, it doesn’t let your body sweat.

4. In’Voland Women’s Plus Size Raincoat

If you are plus-sized and looking for a great rain jacket for you, opt for In Voland’s plus-size raincoats. Whether its drizzle or full-blown thunderstorm, you know it has your back always. The jacket doesn’t soak water droplets, and hence the chance of getting drenched or seeping moisture from the coat is negligible. The jacket is knee length with zippers and fits more or less every plus-sized woman. There is a bit of extra space at the top with the right fit for the hip area and waist.


There you have it, four rain jackets for women that are the best. Opt for jackets with mesh lining as it has ventilating properties. Ventilation helps prevent you from sweating and feeling stuffy.


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